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Oral Care

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> Solution > Oral Care

Oral Care

Dental care professionals by your side

About Oral Problem

Oral microecological imbalance is closely related to oral and systemic diseases.
When imbalance occurs in the microecology,
it forms interactions with the body through direct transfer colonization,
entry into the blood system, and activation of systemic inflammatory responses,
thereby affecting the body‘s health.
  • Strokes

  • Gum Disease

  • Diabetes

  • Bad Breath

  • Tooth Loss

  • Dental Decay

  • Lung Conditions

  • Heart Disease

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Part 1: The Mechanism Of Active Strains In The Oral Cavity
The mechanism of oral probiotics in the oral cavity
  • 1. Production of antibacterial substances

    Organic acids, hydrogen peroxide, bacteriocins

  • 2. Compete with pathogens for oral epithelial cell adhesion
    and microbial substrates
  • 3. Combined immunomodulation

    Stimulate non-specific immunity, regulate humoral and cellular immunity

*Data Resource: Nature Reviews Microbiology 9.1(2011):27-38

Part 2 : How It Works?
Inhibit harmful bacteria in the oral cavity
BIFIDOLAB’s patented oral probiotic L.gasseri HHuMin has 99.7%, 99.5%, 99.4%
and 85.8% inhibition rates against F.nucleatum, P.gingivalis,
P.intermedia, and P. catoniae in the oral cavity, respectively.
  • Prevent plaque formation It was confirmed that the plaque formation of mutans bacteria
    was inhibited by more than 99% by BIFIDOLAB’s patented
    oral probiotic OK and HHuMinD.

  • Eliminate harmful bacteria in the mouth Oral probiotics compete with harmful bacteria
    in the oral cavity and then produce hydrogen peroxide,
    bacteriocins, etc. to eliminate harmful bacteria in the oral cavity.

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